Stemologica Used On Volunteer City Hall Employees! They Loved It!

Stemologica is a luxurious skin care with everything you require to feel health and young again. Do you want to heal your skin, appear younger and/or have smooth soft skin? You do not have to go for cosmetic surgery. All you have to do is acquire Stemologica kit, complete with skin care formula, not only for your skin, but also for your eyes, both in the morning and at night.

(Stemologica) Before and After

Dead Sea salts and Black Mud
Dead Sea salts are obtained from the Dead Sea, a level where water salt content is about 16 % higher than an average sea. Black mud, though extracted from the Dead Sea too, is a mixture of minerals, oils and the salts. Dead Sea salts and black mud both have a visible and positive effect on your skin. They are also effective in the treatment of skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.
The specific minerals contained by Stemologica are potassium, magnesium, bromide and calcium. The minerals serve distinct purposes. For example, Magnesium is a mineral that has been found to effectively slow down the aging process, calcium keeps skin always hydrated while bromide has been proven, clinically, to keep your muscles relaxed leading to younger and firmer looking skin.
Natural elements
These include Swiss green apple stalk cells and Utwiler Spatlauber. They have for a long time been sought after, not only for therapeutic purposes, but also for beauty. In conjunction with the other ingredients, these elements work to achieve one specific purpose-anti aging.

How Stemologica works

It is the most common and most trusted skin care formula; used by many prominent actors and actresses of all ages. The formula is very effective in helping you get that youthful feel and look. Even for persons over 60 years, this product show impressive results after a few weeks of usage-they look like they are in their forties.
It has been scientifically proven that within our skin, there exist dead cells. Their depth varies from the surface to several layers deep. When these cells are finally brought to the surface, they make our skin appear old, dry and rough. With Stemologica formula your body will heal such skin cells and rejuvenate the dead cells making them look healthy again.


• Wash your skin with warm water and soap before patting with a towel to dry
• Apply Stemologica cream to your skin as well as any other area you want to heal
• Allow sufficient time for the serum to work on your skin. You should be able to see positive results after a few minutes.


Stemologica kit has a dramatic effect when used to reduce wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines, among many other skin defects. Its effects do not merely last for a season; it shows improvements as time goes by. This is because it helps your skin in several levels, giving you your desired look. If you use it consistently, it will help you better your skin look. Stemologica works day to day for as long as you use it, eventually giving you the best look and feel.

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